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SIRIVANNAVARI Spring/Summer 2023 "Tapestries of Dreams" Fashion Show


SIRIVANNAVARI, the Luxury Fashion brand known for its intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship, has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, designed by HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya "Tapestries of Dreams". The collection is a tribute to the beauty of tapestries and the artistry of weaving, bringing together the traditional with the modern in a unique and captivating way. The collection was inspired by the beauty and elegance of Thai culture, with intricate patterns and designs that reflected the rich history and traditions of the country. The designs were a mix of traditional Thai motifs and modern fashion elements, with bold colors and striking silhouettes that highlighted the designer's creativity and skill. Fascinatedly delving into Maharaja and Maharani enriched craftsmanship and traditional techniques from the extravaganza period of British Raj, the lavish colors, opulent details, inimitable textiles and sculptures, SIRIVANNAVARI Spring/Summer 2023 Collection entitled "Tapestries of Dream" presented 47 looks; 39 looks for women and 8 looks for men. The collection are inspired by the enchanting and intricate traditional Indian attires and the vibrantly rich 3D embroideries to illustrate the Princess’ drawings and artworks including her cherished peacock, the Maison’s ‘S’ iconic initial and delicate henna-like graphic of vine arabesque. The pastel shades play a major role in both SIRIVANANVARI and S’Homme with the interlude from the vivid shades of gemstones and precious metals from ruby to amethyst, carnelian to onyx and yellow gold to rose gold.


The fashion show was held at the prestigious Siam Paragon shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok, and was attended by fashion industry insiders, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts. The event was a showcase of the latest designs from Princess Sirivannavari's fashion label, which has become known for its unique and innovative approach to fashion design. The Spring/Summer 2023 collection from Princess Sirivannavari was a stunning display of fashion and style that showcased the designer's talent and creativity. With its unique blend of traditional Thai craftsmanship and modern fashion design, the collection was a perfect representation of the designer's vision and style, and a testament to her commitment to creating clothes that are both beautiful and functional also with its bold colors, intricate designs, and luxurious fabrics, it is sure to be a hit with fashion lovers around the world.




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