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VALENTINO COLLAB WITH UNXD, Leading Luxury web3 platform, announced a special partnership.

Photo: Valentino

Valentino, the luxury fashion brand known for its high-end clothing and accessories, recently announced a collaboration with UNXD, a new digital platform for music and culture. The collaboration, which brings together two creative forces, promises to be an exciting blend of fashion and music that will offer unique experiences to their audiences. The partnership will form the foundation of Valentino’s venture into web3. In collaboration with UNXD, the Maison will explore the intersection of virtual fashion, physical craftsmanship, and curated community experiences. Building on UNXD’s track record of blending digital, physical, and experiential touchpoints, the partnership will explore the ways in which consumers can interact with the Valentino brand – through products, stories, events, and more. With this partnership, the brand’s intention is to extend its creative vision into a new world. Maison Valentino continues its commitment to promote and sustain a community based on empathy and shared values.

Photo: Valentino

The collaboration has already started to bear fruit, with the release of a short film directed by Arca and starring musician Kelela. The film, titled "MILITANT MODE," features Kelela performing in a custom Valentino outfit, set against a backdrop of futuristic visuals. The film is a stunning example of the creativity and innovation that the collaboration promises to deliver. Valentino and UNXD's collaboration promises to be an exciting development in the worlds of fashion and music. The partnership brings together two creative forces that are known for pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. As the collaboration unfolds, we can expect to see more exciting and innovative projects that will redefine the way we experience fashion and music.

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