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Luxurious Fragrance "escentials" Launched the first Luxury Boutique in Thailand. A Scent of Elegance and Opulence: Thailand's fragrance aficionados and connoisseurs of luxury were treated to a captivating olfactory experience as the highly anticipated fragrance "Escentials" made its grand debut in the heart of Bangkok. This opulent launch event marked a significant milestone in the world of perfumery, as the brand unveiled a collection that redefines elegance, sophistication, and allure.


Crafting Perfumed Masterpieces

The launch of "escentials" is a testament to the art of perfumery, where each fragrance is meticulously crafted to embody a unique personality and emotion. The creators of "Escentials" collaborated with renowned perfumers from around the globe, blending the finest ingredients to concoct fragrances that tell stories and evoke emotions.

Elegance Personified

The launch event was a reflection of the brand's ethos - elegance personified. Held at a prestigious venue in Bangkok, the event was a mesmerizing blend of aesthetics and sensory delight. Guests were welcomed into a world of opulence, surrounded by the aroma of the various "Escentials" fragrances.

The Collection

The "escentials" collection unveiled an array of fragrances, each distinct in character and meticulously designed. From the floral notes that embody grace and femininity to the rich, woody scents that exude strength and power, the collection caters to a diverse range of preferences.


MR. Patrick Chong Founder & Chairman of The Esteemed LuxAsia Group, proudly announces the highly-anticipated launch of escentials, the epitome of luxury fragrance boutiques. Experience an array of opulence and discover your perfect scent at escentials, located in The EmQuartier, Building B, Ground Floor. This exclusive boutique showcase carefully curated collection of top tier fragrance brands and niche scents from around the world, catering to the discerning tastes of scent enthusiasts. Escentials is the luxury ragrance boutiques, where the finest brands from all corners of the world come together.Each brand is carefully selected, valuing excellence & quality every stage of production, from sourcing premium raw materials to crafting distinct & captivating aromas. The packaging itself exudes opulence and refinement, reflecting the true identity and discerning taste of our cherished customers. Patrick Chong said: "This event serves as the launch of the first escentials store in Thailand, and it is the first branch in the country. We have curated both perfumes and fragrances from leading brands sourced directly from all corners of the world. Each product is meticulously selected to emphasizequality and a premium luxurious image. This includes niche brand known for producing distinctive fragrances that cater to the lifestyles of fragrance enthusiasts. These products will full fill the lifestyle needs of scent lovers, enabling them to choose from a collection of world class luxury perfumes and fragrances, all gathered here in one place."


escentials has meticulously curated and assembled products in the realm of fragrances, scents, and interior decorations. These include scented candles, diffusers, waxes & more. These products hail from various prestigious luxury and niche global brand. Notable examplesare Diptyque, a French fragrance brand with a long standing history, which blendsart & aromas together intriguingly. Their production essence lies in the captivating fusion of art and fragrance, drawing inspiration from talesof journeys and experiences. In addition to that, there's Acqua di Parma, an Italian style fragrance brand that exudes timeless elegance and contemporary relevance. Acqua di Parma encapsulates the essence of classic sophistication. Trudon, a legendary French fragrance brand, known for its renowned scented candles, continues to innovate with novel creations like unique fragrant unicorns. These items stand out as distinctiveand iconic, masterminded by visionary figures with longstanding dedication to the fragrance industry. Amouage, a luxurious fragrance brand from Oman, is notable for its authentic extraction of perfume essences using traditional methods from the Middle East.

Björk and Berries, an eco luxury skincare brand from Sweden, is known for producing every product using organic ingredients and natural components. Carrière Frères, a venerable fragrance brand from France, stands out with its scents extracted from various botanicals sourced from nature. Valeur Absolue a niche perfume brand has managed to build a reputation without extensive marketing, thanks to its fragrance identity rooted in "Naturals Together." This ethos blends premium natural ingredients to craft innovative perfumes of the future. Van Cleef & Arpels, a luxurious fragrance from the legendary high-end Jewelry brand of France, presents scents from the "Collection Extraordinaire," evoking the finest of Van Cleef & Arpels' high Jewelry creations. Miller Harris, a niche fragrance brand from the United Kingdom, has its rootsand core inspiration deeply tied to the contemporary culture of London. Matiere Premiere, a fresh sibling brand from France, emphasizes the inherent beauty of materials grown in the town of Grasse, with scents that emphasize natural beauty.Santa Maria Novella, a brand rich with over eight centuries of history originating from Florence, Italy, introduces its iconic fragrances to Thailand. Its inception, rooted in the realm of medicine, has evolved from an apothecary to crafting perfumes that blend scents from nature, inspired by opulent tales.

Experience the sensational fragrance journey at the grand opening event of Escentials – the first luxurious boutique in Thailand curated with top-notch perfume & Renowned fragrances from all around the world. Caters to fragrance aficionados, offering the opportunity to select scents that truly complement their individual lifestyles right in the heart of the city located at The EmQuartier, Building B, Ground floor.

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