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"JENO", make the scene at 2023 Ferragamo’s Fashion Show in Milano.


JENO the South Korean K-pop star made waves at the 2023 Ferragamo fashion show in Milan. The event, which was held in a glamorous setting, featured some of the world's most famous models showcasing the latest styles from the renowned Italian fashion house. He's appearance at the show caused a stir among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. The K-pop idol looked dapper in a tailored suit and matching accessories, which perfectly complemented the sleek and stylish aesthetic of the show.


Ferragamo fashion show was a star-studded affair, with a host of A-list celebrities, fashion icons, and industry insiders in attendance. Jeno, who is known for his impeccable fashion sense, was one of the most notable guests at the event. He mingled with other celebrities and fashion influencers, and was even spotted chatting with Salvatore Ferragamo's creative director, Paul Andrew. Jeno's attendance at the fashion show was not only a testament to his fashion credentials, but also a reflection of his rising star power in the entertainment industry. As a member of the popular K-pop group NCT, Jeno has amassed a large fan following around the world, and his appearance at the Ferragamo show is sure to further enhance his reputation as a style icon. His stylish presence was a reflection of the growing influence of K-pop and Korean fashion on the global stage, and a reminder that fashion truly knows no bounds.

FERRAGAMO Fall Winter 2023 Fashion Show in MILANO



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