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Ferrari Purosanque, First Ultra-Luxury SUV of fierce horse, Italiano iconic.

Price Starting at $400,000 est / Photo by Ferrari

The Purosangue isn’t the only ultra-luxury SUV from an unlikely source, but it is the only one with a naturally aspirated 715-hp 6.5-liter V-12 that revs to 8250 rpm.

Ferrari has finally revealed the 2024 Purosangue, its long-awaited entry into the SUV segment. The Purosangue comes standard with a naturally aspirated V-12 engine that produces 715 horsepower. It's a four-seater with rear-hinged rear doors to aid access to the rear seats.

Over the course of its illustrious history, Ferrari has built sports cars in many different configurations. There are front-engine four-seaters with V-12s, mid-engine two-seaters with V-8s, and even more recent aberrations including an all-wheel-drive shooting brake and a hybrid with a V-6. But we can guarantee that you’ve never seen a Ferrari quite like the 2024 Purosangue. As the first four-door vehicle ever adorned with the prancing horse badge from the factory, this is the company's long-awaited entry into the unavoidable ultra-luxury SUV segment.

Of course, Ferrari doesn't like to call it an SUV, instead referring to this new model as an extension of its sports car lineup with a new form factor meant to enhance versatility and comfort. To emphasize that it's just as much of a Ferrari as any other, the project's code name, Purosangue (meaning “pureblood”), will be retained for the production model seen here that will reach U.S. customers starting in late 2023.

New Suspension System

Ferrari is particularly proud of the Purosangue's new suspension technology, saying that this is the crucial component that allows such a tall, large, and heavy vehicle to meet the company's high standards for handling performance.

Engine and Performance

Also ensuring its place in the Ferrari bloodline is the fact that it will be available at first with only a single powertrain: a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V-12 engine that revs to 8250 rpm. Its power output of 715 horsepower puts it well above the Lamborghini Urus Performante’s twin-turbo V-8, but the nonturbo V-12 falls behind its boosted competitors in terms of torque, with only 528 pound-feet. Ferrari says that 80 percent of that torque will be available at 2100 rpm. But, with the power peaking at 7750 rpm and the torque peak sitting at 6250 rpm, the Purosangue is sure to be a revvy machine.

Based on Ferrari's dry weight figure, we estimate the Purosangue will have a curb weight of close to 5000 pounds. Performance estimates place it near the quickest SUVs we’ve ever tested. Ferrari claims it will accelerate to 62 mph in 3.3 seconds and go on to a top speed of 193 mph.



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