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FENDI has announced "Bella Ranee Campen" the First Thai Female to "FRIEND OF FENDI"

Photo bellacampen IG

FENDI, the renowned Italian Luxury Fashion House under LVMH, has made a groundbreaking announcement by naming Bella Ranee Campen as their first-ever Friend of FENDI. This prestigious title was bestowed upon the popular Thai actress, model, and singer in recognition of her talent, style, and charisma, which align perfectly with the brand's values and aesthetics. The news of Bella Ranee Campen's collaboration with FENDI has sent waves of excitement and admiration throughout the fashion industry, as well as among her fans, who have been eagerly following her rise to fame in Thailand and beyond. With her striking looks, effortless grace, and versatile skills, Bella Ranee Campen has become a beloved icon of beauty and creativity, embodying the spirit of modernity, sophistication, and individuality that FENDI seeks to inspire.

Photo bellacampen IG

Friend of FENDI, Bella Ranee Campen will have the opportunity to showcase her unique style and personality through a range of exclusive collaborations and projects with the brand. She will also join the elite ranks of other celebrated figures who have been honored with this distinction, such as Kim Jones, Demi Moore, and Liya Kebede. In a statement released by FENDI, the brand expressed their excitement and pride in welcoming Bella Ranee Campen as their first Friend of FENDI. They praised her "natural elegance, poise, and confidence," as well as her "passion for creativity, art, and fashion," which resonate deeply with the brand's heritage and vision. Bella Ranee Campen also expressed her joy and gratitude for the opportunity to work with FENDI and to become a part of the brand's family. She described FENDI as "It’s such a perfect time and great honor to be the first female friend of FENDI for Thailand. Let’s start a new journey to be a part with @FENDI #FENDI


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