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BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR (BORN PINK) 2023 Bangkok Encore on May 27-28.

Photo: YG Entertainment

Blinks Blinks...The highly anticipated BLACKPINK World Tour (BORN PINK) Bangkok Encore is set to take place on May 27-28, 2023 at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Thailand. Fans of the K-Pop superstars are eagerly awaiting the chance to see the group perform their hit songs live, as well as experience the unique energy and excitement of a BLACKPINK concert. The tour is expected to feature a range of fan-favorite songs, including their latest releases such as "Lovesick Girls," "How You Like That," and "Ice Cream." Fans can also expect to see the group perform some of their older hits, such as "Whistle," "Boombayah," and "Kill This Love." BLACKPINK's performances are known for their high-energy dance routines, powerful vocals, and captivating stage presence, so fans are in for an unforgettable experience. The Rajamangala National Stadium is an impressive venue that can hold up to 50,000 fans, making it the perfect location for BLACKPINK's highly-anticipated concert. Fans can expect a world-class production, complete with stunning visuals, dazzling lighting effects, and elaborate costumes. The stadium is easily accessible via public transportation and is located in the heart of Bangkok, making it a convenient location for fans from all over Thailand and beyond.

Photo: YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK has quickly become one of the most popular K-Pop groups in the world, with their unique blend of pop, hip-hop, and EDM music, as well as their captivating performances and fashion-forward style. The group has broken numerous records and achieved unprecedented success since their debut in 2016. With millions of fans all over the world, the BLACKPINK World Tour (BORN PINK) Bangkok Encore is sure to be a sold-out event, with fans eagerly anticipating the chance to see their favorite group perform live. Their incredible music, BLACKPINK is also known for their philanthropic efforts and commitment to social causes.

Brinks has worked with organizations such as UNICEF and Greenpeace, using their platform to raise awareness about important issues and make a positive impact on the world. Fans can expect to see this commitment to social responsibility reflected in the concert's message and themes. BLACKPINK World Tour (BORN PINK) Bangkok Encore promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of the group and K-Pop enthusiasts alike. With their incredible talent, unique style, and commitment to social responsibility, BLACKPINK has become one of the most beloved and influential groups in the world. The concert is sure to be a celebration of their success and an opportunity for fans to come together and experience the power of music and performance.

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